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Mike qualified from University of Glasgow Veterinary School in 1981 with the degree of Batchelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. He then obtained a Research Scholarship from The Horserace Betting Levy Board and stayed at Glasgow to research respiratory disease in racehorses and train as an equine ENT surgeon. His research was centred on observations of respiratory disease in racehorses using the new technology
of endoscopy and published his findings in a thesis entitled "Endoscopic and virological observations on respiratory disease in a group of young thoroughbred horses in training" for which he was awarded the degree Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM).

On the back of these studies he was invited to join the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket that is a world-renowned equine research establishment. Here he worked for four years on the epidemiology of respiratory disease in racehorses and was instrumental in establishing the use of endoscopy as an indispensable tool in the diagnosis and management of lung disease. He has published widely on the subject but one paper in particular may be considered a landmark in the understanding of factors causing respiratory disease: "Respiratory disease in thorougbred racehorses in training: The relationships between disease and viruses, bacteria and environment" Veterinary Record (1996) 139, pages 308-313.

In 1996 he decided to leave academia and pursue a career in an equine practice, where he is now the senior partner. However, his enquiring scientific mind has not deserted him hence his interest in researching and trailing novel treatments such as Allergy Neutralisation.

mike burrell

Bridget Valler

Bridget is a qualified nurse. She worked for many years at
The Burghwood Allergy Clinic testing people. She has been intradermal skin testing horses for REACT since its inception
and therefore has a huge knowledge and experience in this technically difficult field.

Bridget Valler


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